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Gaming USA Corp provides services to the investment community through an exclusive relationship with JNK Securities Corp. Investors having an existing relationship with JNK Securities should contact their representative to arrange a consultation. If you do not have a relationship with JNK Securities, please contact Don Wood President & Director of JNK 3rd Party Research, to make the appropriate arrangements. Don can be reached at don@jnksecurities.com


was established in the early 1990s as a supplier of detailed information to investors and corporate executives in the fast growing Casino and Gaming Industry in the United States and Canada. The company originally produced a weekly newsletter with timely reports on developments in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the new gaming jurisdictions in the South and Mid-West. The Gaming Industry Weekly Report is about to begin its 15th year of publication and is the oldest gaming stock and gaming information newsletter available today. The Gaming Industry Daily Report was established a few years later and is now in its 11th year of publication. It was also the first daily report ever available to cover the gaming industry. The Gaming Industry Daily Report focuses on the day to day events, stock price movements and reasons for those stock price movements and is presently faxed and e-mailed daily and read by thousands of Casino Executives and Gaming Sector Investors around the world.

The company also publishes the annual report, "The Gaming Sector... Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", a comprehensive report on the trends and opportunities in the gaming industry around the world. This report is widely read by casino executives, investment bankers, institutional investors, as well as individuals interested in the gaming sector. GUSC also maintains an Annual Model Portfolio that has consistently
outperformed any other gaming investment advice available including large
brokerage firms and institutional firms. The Model Portfolio has consistently delivered returns in excess of 30% per year on the average for subscribers and clients. A private subscribers forum page has also been operating online for the past 8 years. Subscribers and clients post messages that are reviewed by company staff members regularly, answering specific questions on newsletter stories, offering advice and reporting on breaking news updates.

soon after, which utilized its experience in, and knowledge of, the gaming industry, mergers and acquisitions, financing, investor relations, the investment community and day to day casino operations. With a strong background in publicly traded companies and the small cap market, company President Alan Woinski and his staff have advised many gaming companies, ranging from start up concerns to companies that have been overlooked or
underexposed to the investment community. Gaming USA Corp. consults and advises new and established companies in areas such as investor relations, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, financing, establishing operations, marketing their products or services and an overall assistance in their public image to both Wall Street and the gaming community.

to cover the Hospitality and Lodging Industry. They include
The Daily Lodging Report North America
and The Daily Lodging Report Asia-Pacific. With loyal readers around the world in this similar industry, the company has expanded its operation with similar success and is looking into additional areas of newsletter developments.

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